Delynne Oliphant riding HMSTD Pistol Pete (left) and Dana Crossland riding (HMSTD Sun of a Gun (right)

It would appear that horses have been the glue that has bound our family together for generations.  We were hooked on horses before we even knew what horses were.  Both our parents loved horses, as did our Mom's parents.  Our Great Grandma Boston trained horses too so it is easy to see why the love of horses is so in grained in our lives.

As sisters we have always shared the same love and passion for beautiful well put together Morgans.  We are constantly bouncing ideas off one another, sharing the workload and the best part, riding together.  For us, it was just a natural progression to raise our Morgans in one location and do what we do best, continue to share.

We are located in central Alberta.  As a family, we roll up our sleeves and tackle all the tasks that come with living on a farm.  Glenn is the brains and the brawn behind all the work that has gone into making our home what it is today.

Both Giddy Up and Maple N Mane programs are based on bloodlines that have stood the test of time.   Our Morgans have come from parents with good conformation, excellent easygoing dispositions, a never give up attitude and who continually produce one outstanding marketable foal after another.

We are dedicated to breeding Morgans that are quiet, willing, versatile, trusting and enjoyable to work with.  The versatility and demeanor of our horses' pedigrees will fit into any family whether they enjoy their Morgans for show, trail, ranch work or as a much loved companion horse.

The Morgans we offer for sale will carry the GDYUP and MPLNMN prefixes.  When you see these prefixes you can be guaranteed that both of us have been actively involved in bringing out the best in each and every Morgan.

Consider this an open invitation to drop in and get to know all of the two and four legged family members at Maple N Mane and Giddy Up Morgans.

Glenn & Delynne Oliphant and Dana Crossland

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