These Wonderful Morgans are now traveling new Trails 

MPLNMN Creamy Maple Rum

I am super excited to be able to announce that after her search for a new partner in all her horse adventures that Jeanette has chosen MPLNMN Creamy Maple Rum aka Merlin to be part of her journey, in the search Jeanette was unable to choose one new partner so Merlin will have a new brother Raven to be his friend to grow up with as well.  My heart is full for Jeanette and these two fantastic colts.

MPLNMN Sunup Satin Gold & MPLNMN Glimpse of Gold

MPLNMN Sunup Satin Gold "Dexter" and MPLNMN Glimpse of Gold "Harley" have been sold to a wonderful home together.  Happy Trails!

GDYUP Sunrise Augustus

GDYUP Sunrise Augustus has been sold to a wonderful new home.  Happy Trails!

HMSTD Rainwashed

HMSTD Rainwashed has been sold to Lynda Sewell. Congratulations Lynda! 

ONE DAY Cracker Jack

Trish Crochet has searched long and hard for her next horse and when MPLNMN Vintage Goldhawk, aka "Bentley" went to Texas to live with her mom Barbara last year, Trish knew she wanted to have a horse with the same personality and build as Bentley, so half-brother ONE DAY Cracker Jack, aka "Jack" was the perfect fit for what she was looking for.  Jack has arrived in Texas safe and sound and is on his way to becoming a great partner for Trish and fitting in with their herd perfectly... Happy Trails!


It is with great excitement that Giddy Up Morgans announces the sale of Butte's CR Max to Madison Blatchford and Donna Young!  Madison will be training Max in dressage.  I am excited to watch them grow together and excel in this wonderful discipline.  Happy trails Madison and Max! 

ONE DAY Desert Spirit

Spirit will be making his way to Enderby British Columbia. Enjoy and Happy Trails to Pat and Spirit.


BUTTE'S Desert Shadow

We are excited to announce that BUTTE'S Desert Shadow has been sold to fellow Morgan breeder Lisa Hammel of Coyote Flat Ranch Morgans.  Lisa has big dreams for shadow and I will be excited to follow their journey.  Thanks for loving Shadow as much as we do Lisa!  Happy Trails!

ONE DAY Copper Desert

We are excited to share that ONE DAY Copper Desert has made the journey to Wisconsin to join Sherri Kuss and her daughter Andrea Porath.  They have big plans for Copper and wonderful adventures lie in store for them.  I am anxious to follow their journey!  Happy Trails Sherri, Andrea and Copper! 

MPLNMN Vintage Goldhawk

Maple n Mane Morgans is happy to announce that MPLNMN Vintage Goldhawk “ aka Bentley” has been sold to Ron and Barbara Friensenhahn of Cibolo Texas and will be making the trip to their place.  Barbara plans to use Bentley in her drill team riding although Ron says Bentley is his horse but he will let Barbara drive a "Bentley" when needed .  Either way I see many happy trails in the future for Bentley, Ron and Barbara.

HMSTD Pistol Pete

Sometimes a perfect home and a chance to place your best friend into the hands and care of someone else presents itself and we need to step forward and share that one thing that means so much to us.  That being said I have decided to share my great partner HMSTD Pistol Pete, aka Pete, with Tèa and Daphnine so that he can go on and learn new things and grow along with Tèa.  I have had 7 years to love and enjoy Pete and now it’s time for him to move on and forward and I know that Tèa is the perfect partner to take Pete into that next level.  I look forward to watching them grow together.  Thank you for loving Pete as much as I do. Tèa will be using him in her Josh Nichol mentorship program and with the Stampede ShowRiders in Calgary. Best of luck Tèa and Pete. I look forward to following you both in this journey.  Happy Trails.

R.J. Gaylord's Dandy

Every so often the perfect home presents itself and is interested in a horse you really aren't thinking about parting with.  When this happens one has to step back and think about the value of sending the horse to a home where he will be loved, cherished and the center of their world.  When I met Alana Burton and her family I knew that R.J. Gaylord's Dandy aka "Dandy" had found his forever home.  We always say that every horse should be fortunate enough to be loved by a girl....and now Dandy has three of his very own.  Thank you Alana for loving Dandy as much as I do!!  I know you will have many years filled with happy trails! 

R.J. Paisleys Patches

Once again Barb Bostock has returned for yet another Morgan from us to fill her riding needs.  Patches will fit the bill perfectly!  Happy Trails Barb and Patches!

MPLNMN Royal Blue Moon

So very happy to say that MPLNMN Royal Blue Moon, aka "Nevada" is about to start his forever life with Jenna Donnelly. I know he will be all she wants him to be. Happy Trails Jenna and Nevada!

Vintage Victoria

I am happy to announce that Vintage Victoria, aka Vikki will be taking up residence in Ft Saint James with Jamie Fraser where she will be taking care of her young daughter and novice husband with their riding.  Wishing them all the best. Happy Trails!


GDYUP Rainin Carmel Rum

We are so pleased to announce that GDYUP Rainin Carmel Rum aka "Rolo" has found his partner for life. It comes as no surprise that long time friend and confidant Brian Bostock would be the one to own this stunning gelding as he has admired him since the first time he saw him.  Rolo will be used in the day to day aspects of ranching.  We will be anxiously waiting for updates and have no doubt Rolo will be a willing partner!  Happy Trails Brian and Rolo!

RJ Satin Paisley

We are proud to announce that RJ Satin Paisley has begun the next chapter in her life with friend and fellow Morgan breeder Jessica Campmans and Butte Morgans. Thanks Jessica for loving her as much as we do and giving her a GREAT home!

Black Irish Walker

Since the day that Barbara Bostock bought Black Irish Misfit (Amber) she has been dreaming of the day when she could return to bring Amber's young gelding home as well. Her dream has come true and Black Irish Walker (Walker) has been delivered safely to his new home with Barb.   Many Happy Trails to Barb and Walker.

Rosebuds Katie

When  imagining a perfect home for Katie, I couldn't have planned it better. When Louise Dean was looking for a horse for her kids to call their own, I knew that Katie would be perfect.  Luc and Lili fell in love and I am sure Katie couldn't be happier.  After all what horse doesn't want a couple of great kids to call their own. Thanks Luc and Lili for giving Katie a GREAT home and loving her as much as we do.

MPLNMN Summit's Sebastian

From the moment MPLNMN Summit's Sebastian aka "Howie" hit the ground Dean Cronk has been drawn to him.  It came as no surprise to us when Dean finally decided he just had to have this special gelding.  Dean is no stranger to Maple N Mane as he purchased our gelding Victor a few years ago.  Happy Trails Dean and Howie!!


R.J. Snips Rudy & Black Irish Misfit

It is so gratifying when two of your horses go to the same great home.  Brian wanted a horse for his ranch work; Barb needed a steady mount for her mountain trips and a riding companion.  It didn't take any of us very long to realize Rudy and Amber would be the perfect fit.  We know that Brian and Barb Bostock are going to have many happy hours in the saddle!


R.J. Paisley's Aurora

When a call came from Jean Jones, looking for a Morgan to fill her everyday needs in the saddle we knew that Rory was the one to fit that bill.  After making the long drive to meet Rory, Jean was in love and home they went.  We wish Jean many Happy Trails and best of luck in her gaited clinics and shows.

Mireva Max & R.J. Nicolas

We could not ask for anything more than to have two of our horses go to the same great home.  When Kevin and Allison Hay came looking for new companions for trail rides and mountain trips, we knew that Nick and Max would fit that spot perfectly.  Enjoy your rides together and Happy Trails to Kevin and Allison.

R.J. Vintage Reba

After saving her money for her first horse, Rachelle Gwozdz fell in love with Reba at first sight.  She just knew Reba was the horse for her.  They will grow and learn together and enjoy many rides to come.  We wish them both many Happy Trails together.

HMSTD Adios Reality

A call from Susan Randall looking for her new Agility partner, brought Susan to see us and meet Adios.  After spending a couple of days with Adios, Susan knew she had found her new partner.  We want to wish Susan and Adios the best of luck and many ribbons in their Agility classes.  Happy Trails!

R.J. Midnight Pango

When Tina Mclean called looking for a new riding companion, we asked her to come for a visit and after a couple of visits and rides on Pango it was obvious they were meant to be together.  We wish you many Happy Trails Tina and Pango.

R.J. Mister Victor

When Dean Cronk came to Maple N Mane looking for a suitable mount for trail riding, and mountain trips, we knew Victor, being the well seasoned do it all gelding he was, would fit his needs perfectly.  We wish you many Happy Trails!!

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